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Whether you’re a web designer, graphic designer, or any other kind of designer, if you want to attract an audience to your website, you need reliable hosting services from a trusted and experienced provider. 

There are literally hundreds of web hosting providers available today offering different types of hosting services to clients. 

You can choose between cheap providers with very limited services or expensive packages tailored for larger businesses. 

The best web hosting for designers will help you create a website that’s both reliable and fast.    

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What to Look for In the Best Web Hosting for Designers

If you’re a designer and want to build a website, here are a few things to look into when choosing the best web hosting:

  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Support and security


Before settling for a provider, consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend on hosting? If you’re just beginning to build an online presence, going for an expensive provider off the bat might not be the best move. 

Look for a web hosting provider that won’t harm your budget or your long-term goals.  


Space -- designers will need a ton of it if they’re going to start a website.

Go for web hosting that offers unmetered bandwidth, speed, storage, disk space, and RAM capacity to accommodate all your applications. It’s equally important to go with a provider that will also allow you to scale up once your list of clients grows.

Support and Security

Especially if you’re a freelance designer, chances are you’ll encounter several hosting issues.

An excellent web hosting will provide you with trustworthy security and customer support in case of technical, malware, or hacking issues.

Best Web Hosting for Designers

Designers know that first impressions can make or break a career.

Give a great first impression to your audience with our top picks of web hosting for designers:

Let’s get to know them better. 


Web Hosting for Designers 2021 BlueHost

BlueHost understands the value of first impressions.

Thanks to BlueHost’s wide selection of templates, even designers with little tech background can quickly create a personalized and professional website.


Image via BlueHost

BlueHost promises to bring your website to life thanks to hundreds of free premium website themes! 

Build your brand with unparalleled design flexibility provided by BlueHost.

With their intuitive and user-friendly Weebly web builder or WordPress integration, designers can let their creativity flow and come to life! Simple drag-and-drop features and remove the headache of having to worry about technical issues.

Should any hosting and design issues arise, the reliable and knowledgeable BlueHost team will come to the rescue right away. 

Tools and Resources

Designers can reach for boundless success with BlueHost’s unlimited freebies, including bandwidth, storage space, and free domain. 

Thanks to BlueHost’s impressive uptime guarantee of 99.93% (August 2023) and speed of 616 ms (August 2023), you can be sure that your website will load very quickly and won’t crash. 

At just around $2.95 for basic plans, BlueHost is one of the best and most affordable web hosting out there. If you’re expecting high traffic, you can even get a dedicated server with BlueHost. They offer everything for any designer stage.

BlueHost also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no risks involved! 

How to Make a Web Desiner Website With BlueHost

Web Hosting for Designers 2021 SiteGround

Designers will quickly find SiteGround a flexible and reliable option for web hosting!

Image via SiteGround


What makes SiteGround best for designers are its intuitive and advanced features that make collaboration and client management easy!

Designers will appreciate the collaboration tools created explicitly with creatives in mind.

Tools and Resources

SiteGround also allows easy Website Transfer to other clients, a valuable feature for designers with multiple clients.

For designers, we recommend the GrowBig plan starting at around $9.99 a month. 

With this plan, designers can create unlimited websites and have access to on-demand back-up, unmetered traffic, free CDN and SSL, and 20 GB of web space!

The GrowBig plan and any higher hosting plan will allow site access to collaborators! 

This way, designers can confidently release websites that come to life thanks to a team of experts.

What we love most about SiteGround is its unrivaled support for freelancers and growing businesses. 

You’ll find that it’s easy to grow and expand any venture along with this web hosting!

Web Hosting for Designers 2021 HostGator

Looking for a beginner-friendly website with unrivaled speed and unlimited storage?

You’re just in luck. 

HostGator is a web hosting platform that offers flexible hosting plans for scalability, WordPress integration, and an uptime of 99.89% (August 2023)!

Image via HostGator


One of the best things about Hostgator is its attention to scalability. With tools that are designed to grow with their clients, over 2 million website managers trust HostGator to hold their content.

Excited about growing a client base? 

Over 30% of HostGator subscribers are web pros, so you can trust this web hosting to provide for your growing needs.

Artists with limited coding backgrounds can make the most out of the HostGator drag-and-drop website builder. If you’re looking for more flexibility, opt for the WordPress hosting plan that offers 2.5 times the speed, free migrations, and unrivaled security.

Tools and Resources

All HostGator servers are highly responsive and optimized on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Don’t risk losing clients with unavailable and slow servers -- this web hosting has a reliable 99.89% (August 2023) uptime.

What’s more, you get unmetered bandwidth and free SSL, so you don’t have to worry about traffic or security.

HostGator also offers convenient services. Integrating apps onto your website will be a piece of cake with one-click installation features.

If we’ve convinced you to switch to HostGator, they have free site transfer services.

Whatever it is you need – scalability, speed, or convenience – HostGator has got you covered.

Web Hosting for Designers 2021 A2 Hosting

Thanks to A2 Hosting custom packages, designers have plenty of room for flexibility and scalability.

Aside from seamless WordPress integration, A2 Hosting offers one of the best server speeds you can find!


You should know that A2 Hosting is 20 times faster than most web hosting providers.

With the help of Turbo Booster features and Cloudflare CDN, A2 Hosting guarantees higher SEO rankings and lower bounce rates. 

Therefore, A2 clients also get higher conversion rates.

Get enhanced security for your digital content as well with the free SSL certificates.

A2 Hosting also provides unlimited bandwidth, storage, and website hosting. 

Tools and Resources 

Web designers will be left wanting more because A2 Hosting is definitely the complete package.

Thanks to the A2 Hosting CDN and SSD feature, designers can rely on this web hosting to feature unrivaled uptime and speed.

Designers will also love that A2 Hosting is optimized for both WordPress and PrestaShop. This means that you can find all sorts of beginner-friendly hosting solutions at A2 Hosting!

Make the most out of responsive servers and engaging content through these A2 Hosting WordPress plans - Shared or Managed WordPress. 

Image via A2 Hosting

Web Hosting for Designers 2021 InMotion

There’s no doubt that InMotion offers some of the most competitive shared hosting plans on the market.

Thanks to its recent WordPress integration, easy customizability reaches a whole new level with InMotion.

Image via InMotion


Designers can opt for InMotion shared hosting packages. These offer sufficiently advanced features that all designers should look for. 

Get unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage space, and regular data backups. 

However, you should take note that data backups don’t come free at InMotion.

Uptime is good, but 99.99% (August 2023) is considerably less competitive than the likes of BlueHost and A2 Hosting.

InMotion also offers a free in-house website builder to make content management and marketing easier for small business owners.

Tools and Resources

InMotion offers four WordPress hosting plans to ensure your website and services grow along with your design business. 

Starting at around $4.99 a month, designers can have access to unrivaled WordPress services. Designers can launch their website in no time, thanks to high-performance and secure WordPress support.

Easily create responsive and personalized websites using over 200 free professional WordPress templates that are mobile-compatible. What’s more, zero codings are required!

InMotion also offers the most trusted process of transferring your WordPress website.

What’s more, InMotion provides Web design services to create engaging web design and marketing thanks to WordPress.

Image via InMotion

Best Web Hosting for Designers FAQs

Why is web hosting important for designers?

Creating a believable and legitimate online presence is necessary for designers who want to build their brand and attract more customers.

Choose web hosting that offers user-friendly and heavy-duty services that allow you to intuitively get your content out into the world.

How much do designers have to pay for website hosting?

Designers and freelance artists can go for more affordable shared hosting plans.

These can go for as low as $0.99 to $15 per month. Monthly renewal rates will set you back around $5 to $30 per month.


With the right web hosting provider, designers can reach their business goals more efficiently and effectively.

The five web hostings that we’ve mentioned above are some of the most reliable providers you can find. 

If you’re going to start a website, your best chances for success are with them.

Best of luck!