Compare Hosting Providers on November 22, 2021 by Joanna Gatapia

When it comes to high-quality web hosting, Hostinger and HostPapa are always mentioned.

Both providers have A LOT to offer. 




Hostinger International LLC

HostPapa Private Limited

Basic Plan

Single Shared Hosting





Free Domain?



Average Uptime

99.98% (August 2023)

99.84% (August 2023)

Average Speed

435 ms (August 2023)

537 ms (August 2023)

One-Click WordPress Installation?



Free SSL?



Number of Sites



Free Email?

1 Account

100 Accounts

Free Backup?



Moneyback Guarantee



Support Channels

Live chat and Phone

Live chat and Phone

Control Panel

Hostinger Panel





Free CDN?



Migration Services

Yes for WordPress


Overall Rating

Get Hosting

Other Plans

Cloud ($9.99), VPS ($3.95)

VPS ($19.99), Reseller ($29.99)


*Uptime and Speed data from Pingdom and Hrank

But often, when two things are pitted against each other, you tend to ask the question, “Which one is better?”

We’ll help you answer that by giving you an in-depth Hostinger vs HostPapa comparison review. 

We’ll look at their:

  • Uptime and performance
  • Website building
  • Migration services
  • Products and features
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support

Ready? Let’s start.

Hostinger vs HostPapa: Uptime and Performanc

First on our list is uptime and performance. While used interchangeably, these two mean different things. 

Uptime refers to the average time a server is up. When a server is up, then your website will be online (unless there’s a problem with your website). On the other hand, performance talks about site speed - how fast the website loads.  

HostPapa excels in uptime with a score of 99.84% (August 2023). Users hardly experienced any downtime in one year. 

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Which Web Hosting is Better HostPapa

Though Hostinger has enjoyed high uptime in the past, it, unfortunately, went down during 2020. For one year, they were offline for 23 hours. 

Today, Hostinger’s uptime average is 99.98% (August 2023).

However, what they lack in uptime, they make up for in performance. 

Hostinger has data centers on four continents, which make loading speeds faster wherever you are in the world. To add to that, they have a built-in LiteSpeed Cache that boosts website performance.

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Which Web Hosting is Better Hostinger

On the flip side, HostPapa has great uptime but lacks speed.

Despite their CDN, they only have data centers in North America. This means that the farther away you are, the slower it is to load the site. In fact, some websites hosted by HostPapa take a whole 3 seconds to fully load. 

That might not seem long at all, but in a quick-paced online world, a lot of people won’t have the patience to wait that long.  

WINNER: Tie. Both hosts excel in different departments. Hostinger lacks uptime but offers great load time, while HostPapa is slow but reliable. So the choice between the two here will largely depend on your preferences.

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Website Building

Site builders are great features for people looking to create their first (or a new) website. 

Thankfully, both Hostinger and HostPapa have their own site builders that don’t require any background in web design and coding. Plus, both support WordPress, too.

However, to use Hostinger’s website builder, called Zyro, you have to pay $2.90/mo. This is quite a bummer if you don’t want to use WordPress. 

As for HostPapa’s site builder, it is very basic; you’re only allowed to make two pages. A little limiting, but good enough for starters.

WINNER: Hostinger. If you decide to use their site builders (instead of WordPress), we prefer Hostinger’s as it is more versatile, giving you greater creative freedom when designing. Even if you have to pay, it will be worth it. 

Looking to create a WordPress site with Hostinger? Check out this helpful video:

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Migration Services

Already have a website and domain? 

You can transfer to Hostinger and HostPapa for free! 

Yep, these two web hosts have free migration services and a support team that’s going to help you out. 

Unfortunately, Hostinger only offers their FREE services to WordPress. If you use any other CMS, you will have to pay an additional fee. 

That’s not the case for HostPapa, though! 

Even better, HostPapa’s customer service is super responsive and helpful. They even give you guides to get started on their platform.  

WINNER: HostPapa. With FREE migration for both WordPress and non-WordPress sites, HostPapa comes out on top. Plus, if you run into any problems, you can always rely on their customer service.

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Products and Features

For a standard comparison with each other, I’ll be comparing the basic Shared Hosting plans of Hostinger and HostPapa.

Here’s what each plan has:


For an additional fee

Free 1 year

Email Address:



SSL Certificates:



Control Panel:

Hostinger Panel




100 GB SSD



For an additional fee


If you’re looking to get a domain from your web host, then you’ll be happy to know that Hostpapa offers it for free for 1 year. You’ll have a whole year to save up for renewal. 

There’s a catch, though. And this is that you’ll have to subscribe to their service for a whole year, which isn’t a bad thing if that was your plan anyway. 

As for Hostinger, you have to buy a domain separately. If you want to get it for free, then you have to purchase the next plan (Premium Shared Hosting). 

Email Accounts 

There’s a stark difference between the number of email accounts you get on the basic Shared Hosting plans of Hostinger and HostPapa. 

Hostinger offers 1 email account, while HostPapa goes up to 100. 

Of course, the number of email accounts isn’t a deal-breaker unless you really need it.

WINNER: HostPapa. With significantly more storage space and more extra freebies in its basic plan, HostPapa takes the cake in this section. 

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Security

Which provider has more security features? 

It matters that a web host has more than one security feature in place. Sure, SSL certificates are helpful, but it would be a lot better if there is constant firewall protection and malware scanner. 

If we’re comparing the basic Shared Hosting plans, Hostinger leaves HostPapa behind. Its Cloudflare-protected servers make sure that there’s constant security to protect your website. 

To add to that, they have DDoS protection and 24/7 security monitoring. 

On the other hand, HostPapa only gives an SSL certificate on their basic Shared plan. If you want more security, you have to get the Business Pro plan. The security features included here are daily backups, virus scans, domain privacy, and DDoS protection. 

WINNER: Hostinger. While both hosts offer the base level security, Hostinger offers free backups, has Cloudflare protected servers, DDoS protection, and 24/7 security monitoring. 

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Pricing

Between the two, Hostinger has the more affordable plans. But how cheap is it compared to HostPapa?

Let’s see:

Shared Hosting

$1.39 - $3.99/mo

$3.95 - $12.95/mo

WordPress Hosting

$1.99 - $11.59/mo

$3.95 - $12.95/mo

VPS Hosting

$3.95 - $38.99/mo

$19.99 - $249.99/mo

Not only are they cheaper, but Hostinger’s renewal fees are also a lot cheaper than HostPapa’s renewal fees. This makes it the perfect choice for price-sensitive individuals. 

WINNER: Hostinger. With a clear lead when it comes to affordability, Hostinger will offer small and budget-conscious site creators a wide range of different packages to choose from.

Hostinger vs HostPapa - Customer Support

Customer support is often overlooked by a lot of site owners. 

But a web host’s support team makes or breaks the quality of the hosting experience. 

And if we’re looking for high-quality customer support, HostPapa offers just that. 

Apart from having more than one channel to reach the customer team, HostPapa has one-on-one training sessions and self-help guides. 

Even if you’re a newbie, you won’t be lost on the platform; you have a lot of resources to help you out. 

Not to take away anything from Hostinger, of course. They also have responsive customer support that will be more than willing to help you out. 

WINNER. HostPapa. While both hosts offer similar mediums of support, HostPapa provides its users with greater support and even offers extra add-ons such as PapaCare+. This prioritizes your queries, ensuring faster response times.

Hostinger vs HostPapa - The Verdict

So which web host is better?

Uptime and Performance


Website building


Migration service


Products and features






Customer support


You decide!

If you’re looking for faster speeds, better security, and cheaper prices, then you might be leaning more toward Hostinger

But if you prioritize high uptime, great customer support, and many features on the basic Shared Hosting plan, then HostPapa is your guy.