Compare Hosting Providers on August 18, 2021 by Joanna Gatapia

Looking for a reliable web host that offers Managed WordPress Hosting?

We highly recommend Hostinger and Cloudways. 

Both providers offer a variety of Managed WordPress Hosting plans that you can choose from. Not only that, but each plan comes with great features.

But you might be wondering, “Which provider is better this 2023?”

To help you answer that, we’re going to give you a Hostinger vs Cloudways comparison review. With this, you’ll be able to determine which is the better one for YOU. 

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started immediately! 

Hostinger vs Cloudways - A Side by Side Comparison 

These are the factors we are going to compare:

  • Uptime and performance
  • Website builder
  • Migration services
  • Products and features
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support

But first, a quick comparison chart:



Uptime and Performance

99.74% average uptime, WordPress Acceleration

99.99% average uptime, CDN

Website Building

WP site builder, Managed WordPress, Jetpack

Managed WordPress, site staging

Migration Services



Products and Features

Multiple data centers, WordPress acceleration, control panel, one-click installations

Multiple data centers, cloud storage, auto-healing for servers, unlimited app installations


SSL certificate, backups

SSL certificate, 24/7 security monitoring, dedicated firewalls, automated backup


Starts at $1.99/mo

Starts at $10/mo

Customer Support

24/7 support via live chat

24/7 support via live chat, phone, and email, knowledge base, and FAQs

Now, let’s move on to the details. 

Uptime and Performance

In the world of web hosting, there’s one metric that’s always mentioned - uptime. 

Uptime is a measure of a web host’s reliability. You’ll want a web host that’s as close to 100% uptime as possible. 

In previous years, Hostinger has shown great uptime, even reaching an average of 99.97%.

Hostinger vs Cloudways - Which Web Host is Better this 2021 Hostinger

At most, Hostinger’s uptime is a bit inconsistent. At one moment it’s very reliable, and the next your website is offline for 23 hours throughout the year. 

As for Cloudways, their uptime is always impressive. From 2020 to 2023, they consistently reached 99.99% uptime, meaning websites rarely experienced any downtime throughout the year. 

Hostinger vs Cloudways - Which Web Host is Better this 2021 Cloudways

What about the loading speeds?

Thankfully, both providers load content very quickly. This is thanks to their numerous data centers and special speed features such as the WordPress Acceleration and CDN. 

It takes around 400-600ms to fully load a website, heavy or not. 

Website Building

Between the two, Hostinger has a better site-building interface. Their Managed WordPress plans are filled with one-click installations, site builder, and auto-updates that will help set up your first-ever website. 

It also comes with Jetpack, which is a suite of themes and designs. But take note, free Jetpack is only available in their WordPress Starter plan and other higher-priced plans. 

As for Cloudways, they offer the basic WordPress site builder. If you’re using WordPress, then this is good enough for you. 

Migration Services

Already have a website and want to transfer to a different host?

Fortunately for Hostinger and Cloudways, they offer free migration services regardless of whether you’re using WordPress or not. 

Products and Features

What features can you get with Hostinger’s and Cloudways’s Managed WordPress Hosting?

Here, we’re comparing the most basic Managed WordPress Hosting plans of both Hostinger and Cloudways: 

Hostinger Single WordPress

Cloudways DigitalOcean $10/mo


For an additional fee

For an additional fee


100 GB

1 TB

Email accounts


Paid as add-on

SSL Certificates



Control Panel




30 GB

25 GB




As you can see, both basic Managed WordPress Hosting plans are rather similar. 

Their most popular plans, however, are one step higher - Hostinger with their WordPress Starter plan and Cloudways with their DigitalOcean $45/mo plan. 

These higher plans provide even more features. We highly recommend you go check them out. 


There are two areas where Cloudways shines - security and customer support. (we’ll talk more about customer support later.) 

For their security features, Cloudways has a complete suite. Not only do you have a free SSL certificate, but you also get dedicated firewalls, 24/7 security monitoring, automated backups, and auto-healing features. 

What all of these do is to make sure that your site is well-protected against malware. And if there’s anything amiss, the security team will be able to spot it early on.

Hostinger lacks in comparison. However, you still get a free SSL certificate and weekly backups, which is good enough already. 


Of course, we’re not going to forget about the pricing. 

Here’s a chart on how much their hosting plans range:

Shared Hosting

$1.39 - $3.99/mo


WordPress Hosting

$1.99 - $11.59/mo

$10 - $230/mo

VPS Hosting

$3.95 - $38.99/mo


Let’s address two things - the lack of other hosting products of Cloudways and the price difference with Hostinger. 

First, Cloudways doesn’t offer a lot of hosting options. In fact, they only offer cloud hosting for Managed WordPress.  

Yes, it’s a lot like Shared Hosting, but this time your website’s data is stored on the cloud server instead of a physical server. 

And second, Cloudways’ plans are more expensive than Hostinger’s. The good thing here is that their plans have a lot of features to justify the price. 

Customer Support

I mentioned a while ago that Cloudways has great customer support along with advanced security features. 

So what makes it special? 

24/7 customer support is a given, but what Cloudways does differently is having a comprehensive knowledge base.

This knowledge base has everything you need to guide you from setting up a website to launching it. It also has FAQs that help you find answers to your questions. 

Of course, this in no way means Hostinger’s customer support is bad. This provider also has 24/7 customer support, but they’re only reachable via live chat. 

Hostinger vs Cloudways - The Verdict

So which is better?

Hostinger or Cloudways?

That will depend entirely on YOU. 

Do you prioritize high uptime? Great security measures and customer support? Then Cloudways is better suited for you. 

But if you’re price sensitive, then Hostinger will offer a lot of great features with their affordable plans.