Compare Hosting Providers on December 2, 2022 by Manoling Martinez

Say you’ve been planning to start a website…

Or perhaps you’ve been a longtime website owner looking for a more affordable and efficient hosting provider.

Well, this is the article for you! 

Here, we’ll be reviewing two web hosting providers who prioritize user satisfaction and accessible web hosting — GreenGeeks and ScalaHosting.




Trey Gardner (CEO)

Hristo Rusev

Basic Plan






Free Domain?



Average Uptime

99.99% (August 2023)

99.10% (August 2023)

Average Speed

459 ms (August 2023)

902 ms (August 2023)

One-Click WordPress Installation?



Free SSL?



Number of Sites



Free Email?



Free Backup?



Moneyback Guarantee



Support Channels

24/7 live chat, email ticket, phone, and knowledge base

27/7 live chat, ticket, social media

Control Panel


SPanel and cPanel


50 GB


Free CDN?



Migration Services



Overall Rating



Get Hosting

Other Plans

WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting

Managed Cloud VPS, WordPress Hosting, and Email Hosting


*Uptime and Speed data from Pingdom and Hrank

*Prices as of Dec 2022

With this review, you can determine the best one for YOU. 

So let’s begin your GreenGeeks vs ScalaHosting review!

GreenGeeks vs ScalaHosting - A Side-by-Side Comparison Review

We’ll compare both hosts according to their:

  • Uptime and performance
  • Website building
  • Migration services
  • Products and features
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support

Now let’s get into the details.

Uptime and Performance

Both GreenGeeks and ScalaHosting prioritize uptime.

GreenGeeks has an average of 99.99% (August 2023). 

To match that, ScalaHosting’s uptime average comes up at 99.10% (August 2023).

As you can see, both offer remarkable uptime averages. Downtime won’t be a problem whichever one you pick. 

As for performance, GreenGeeks comes out slightly on top, with an average speed of 459 ms (August 2023). This is thanks to its free CDN, built-in caching, and unmetered transfer.

However, ScalaHosting isn’t far behind, with an average of 902 ms (August 2023). If you want your website to load even faster, then you can purchase its OpenLiteSpeed Caching (this is free for higher-end plans).

WINNER: TIE. GreenGeeks and ScalaHosting ensure that your website doesn’t experience significant downtime and that it loads very quickly. 

Website Building

GreenGeeks provides a drag-and-drop website builder that has loads of templates to choose from. This website builder is ideal for users who aren’t great with coding and/or designing. 


And if you prefer using WordPress, then GreenGeeks has a 1-click WordPress installation. 

Unfortunately, ScalaHosting doesn’t offer its own website builder. You will have to either try your hand at coding or avail of its 1-click WordPress installation.

WINNER: GreenGeeks. Though not having a website builder isn’t a dealbreaker, the convenience and accessibility of having one make GreenGeeks more user-friendly.

Migration Services

Transferring your site to another hosting provider?

GreenGeeks offers FREE website migration services in all of its plans. Once you’ve signed up with them, you only need to log in and submit a migration request. The GreenGeeks team will then get to work. 

The same is true for ScalaHosting.

So whichever hosting you pick, you can just sit back and relax while they do the migrating for you. How cool is that?

WINNER: Tie. GreenGeeks and ScalaHosting both offer FREE migration services. You don’t need to worry about doing it yourself. 

Products and Features

One of the standout features of GreenGeeks is its green movement. 

For each signup, they promise to plant 1 tree. On top of that, they boast a 300% renewable energy match. 

So if you care about the environment, then GreenGeeks is a great partner. 

Another striking feature of GreenGeeks is that they offer so much in just their basic plan. For just under $3, you get a FREE domain, 50 emails, unmetered transfers, nightly backups, 50GB space, FREE SSL and CDN, and much more. 

Imagine what features they provide for their higher-end plans! You can even choose WordPress, VPS, or Reseller Hosting.

ScalaHosting’s specialty is on its Anytime Money-Back Guarantee and multiple control panels. 

The Anytime Money-Back Guarantee allows you to get a refund for the unused time if ever you are unsatisfied with their services. What’s more, their migration team will even help you switch your website back to its old hosting provider. 

Talk about great service!

As for its multiple control panels, you can either use SPanel or cPanel, whichever is easier for you. 

And yes, the features in their basic plan almost match GreenGeeks’. The only difference is that it doesn’t offer free CDN and only has 20 GB of storage.

WINNER: Tie. Both hosting providers offer unique specialties and LOTS of freebies in their most basic plan. The winner will solely depend on what YOU prefer. 


Another important feature that you shouldn’t ignore is security. 

Thankfully, both GreenGeeks and ScalaHosting offer great security. 

GreenGeeks offers FREE SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt, FREE nightly backups, FREE DDoS protection, FREE malware cleanups, real-time security scanning, enhanced spam protection, and lots more!

ScalaHosting offers standard security, FREE SSL certificates, FREE daily backups, FREE security scans, a dedicated firewall, etc...

WINNER: GreenGeeks. Sure, both hosting providers offer LOTS of security features. However, GreenGeeks takes the cake by offering more FREE ones.


To compare pricing, we’ll look at the Shared Hosting plans for both providers. 

GreenGeeks has 3 plans:

  • Lite - $2.95/mo
  • Pro - $4.95/mo
  • Premium - $8.95/mo

ScalaHosting has 4 plans:

  • Mini - $3.95/mo
  • Start - $5.95/mo
  • Advanced - $9.95/mo
  • Cloud - $29.95/mo

So if you’re looking for the cheapest, high-quality hosting, then GreenGeeks comes out the cheaper of the two.

WINNER: GreenGeeks. All its plans are cheaper than the equivalent plans from ScalaHosting.

Customer Support

Picture this…

You are facing an issue with your hosting. You have no idea what to do. You message support for help. You wait several days before someone answers. 

Annoying, right?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that if you go with either GreenGeeks or ScalaHosting. 

Both offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, ticketing, phone, and/or social media. 

ScalaHosting even has a 30-second response guarantee. So you can be sure that there is always someone to help you.

WINNER: ScalaHosting. We like that ScalaHosting promises a 30-second response guarantee.

The Verdict

Winners board:

Uptime and Performance


Website Building + Ease of Use


Migration Services


Products and Features






Customer Support


Which web hosting is better?

From the winner’s board, we see that GreenGeeks wins more categories. 

But, at the end of the day, GreenGeeks and ScalaHosting are both awesome providers. You can rely on and enjoy their services to the fullest. 

Also, the best one will depend on YOUR needs and preferences. 

So whichever fits you more, then that will be the better one. 

Choose wisely!