Compare Hosting Providers on November 25, 2021 by Joanna Gatapia

Looking for a reliable web host?

Don’t know if you should choose DreamHost or iPage?




New Dream Network (NDN)

Endurance International Group

Basic Plan

Shared Starter

Go Plan




Free Domain?



Average Uptime

99.98% (August 2023)

99.87% (August 2023)

Average Speed

1,836 ms (August 2023)

1,810 ms (August 2023)

One-Click WordPress Installation?



Free SSL?



Number of Sites



Free Email?



Free Backup?



Moneyback Guarantee

97 days

30 days

Support Channels

Live chat, email ticketing, phone callback

Live chat and phone

Control Panel




50 GB


Free CDN?



Migration Services

Free for WordPress sites

$150 per site

Overall Rating

Get Hosting

Other Plans

Managed WordPress ($2.59), VPS ($10), Dedicated Hosting ($149)

WordPress Hosting ($3.75)


*Uptime and Speed data from Pingdom and Hrank

If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss a DreamHost vs iPage comparison. We’re going to look at:

  • Uptime and performance
  • Website building
  • Migration services
  • Products and features
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support

With this, you’ll be able to determine which one is better for YOUR site. 

So let’s start!

DreamHost vs iPage: Uptime and Performance

Even if you’re getting the basic plan, this isn’t an excuse for any web host to have low uptime rates and slow site loading speeds. 

Fortunately, DreamHost takes this to heart by giving a 100% uptime guarantee to all of its hosting plans. Yep, even for their basic shared hosting package. 

Though they don’t always hit their guarantee, their uptime average is still a good score of 99.98% (August 2023). Sure, this isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worse either.  

Unfortunately for iPage, its uptime rates aren’t as high as DreamHost. On average, it can reach 99.87% (August 2023), but this rate is inconsistent. 

There are cases where websites have experienced downtime for a whole day!

But what it lacks in uptime, iPage makes up for in speed. 

iPage boasts a 1,810 ms (August 2023) loading speed. This means it’ll take a few milliseconds to load an entire site. 

The added benefits of a high-loading website are lower bounce rates and higher SEO ranking on the Google search page. So if you’re planning to start optimizing your site for SEO, iPage can definitely be helpful to this cause.

As for DreamHost, their speed comes up at 1,836 ms (August 2023). This is also a good speed compared to other shared hosting providers. 

Plus, DreamHost has Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that you can purchase for a fee. This boosts the performance of the website. So even if you receive a flow of traffic, the loading speeds won’t slow down.  

Winner: Tie. Both DreamHost and iPage don’t have the best uptime average. However, they make up for that with super fast speeds.

DreamHost vs iPage: Website Building

DreamHost offers a WordPress site builder in their plans. This is an easy drag-and-drop builder that lets you choose from a lot of professional themes. There’s also a site wizard to help you create your website. 

But what if you don’t plan to use WordPress? DreamHost offers a simple drag-and-drop builder for your site, too! 

This site builder’s interface is similar to Wix. So if you’re familiar with that, you don’t need to undergo a learning curve when creating your website. 

On the other hand, iPage has both WordPress builders and site builders that will help you create any kind of website with ease. 

And what’s great about iPage’s website-building features is that you can create a site without having to know any line of code! Sweet! 

Winner: Tie. Both providers have amazing WordPress and generic site builders that don’t require any programming language.

DreamHost vs iPage: Migration Services

If you already have a website, you’re probably asking if DreamHost or iPage offers migration services. 

Yes, DreamHost has free website migration for WordPress sites. 

DreamHost vs iPage - Which Web Hosting is Better DreamHost

The beauty of this migration service is you don’t have to do it yourself. The automated migration plug-in will do all that for you. 

But since this is just for WordPress sites, you need to pay a fee for other sites. For this type of migration, you will be aided by DreamHost’s team. 

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a fee if you want to transfer to iPage. It will cost you an extra $150 to migrate with any type of website.  

Winner: DreamHost. Despite not having free site migrations for other CMS, the FREE WordPress migration is very convenient.

DreamHost vs iPage: Products and Features

The set of features is a big deal for anyone looking for the best value for their money. 

We don’t want to pay for a plan that doesn’t have what we need, even if it’s just a few dollars a month. 

So what’s inside the basic Shared hosting plan of DreamHost and iPage? Let’s take a look:


Free 1 year

Free 1 year

Email Address:

For an additional fee


SSL Certificates:



Control Panel:




50 GB



Automated daily

For an additional fee with SiteLock

Both DreamHost and iPage have their own control panels. If you’ve used traditional cPanel before, you might need to get used to the new interface provided by the two web hosts.

iPage uses VDeck, which is found in other web hosts, while DreamHost has its custom-built control panel. 

These control panels are intuitive in their own way, so it’s still a great feature. 

One of the best features of iPage is its unlimited storage. But while it says unlimited, it doesn’t mean that you can stuff a lot of multimedia content on your site. 

DreamHost vs iPage - Which Web Hosting is Better Ipage

There’s still a catch here. Yes, you’re not charged for using a lot of storage. However, you will be contacted by the web host if you use irregular amounts of storage. 

As for DreamHost, there’s a cap of 50 GB. Of course, this is already a big storage space, especially if you’re just starting out. 

Winner: Tie. Both providers have great features in their basic plan. Also, both lack a few things in other areas such as free email address (DreamHost) and free backups (iPage).

DreamHost vs iPage: Security

Looking for a web host giving away free SSL certificates? 

You’re in luck! DreamHost and iPage have free SSL certificates included in all of their plans. 

But what differentiates the two is their extra layers of security. 

To add to its free SSL certificate, DreamHost also has automated daily backups and free domain privacy features. And you get these on the basic plan, too!

iPage, on the other hand, has an enhanced security suite and site traffic reporting. They also have 24/7 security monitoring focused on looking for signs of malware attacks.  

Winner: Tie. These two web hosts have their own suite of security features that protect data and ward off malware attacks.

DreamHost vs iPage: Pricing

What if you want a plan other than Shared hosting? 

Don’t worry, DreamHost and iPage have other hosting types to fit your needs.

Here’s a list of their price ranges for each web hosting type:



Shared Hosting

$2.59 - $3.95/mo

$1.99 - $2.99/mo

WordPress Hosting

$2.59 - $3.59/mo

$3.75 - $6.95/mo

VPS Hosting

$10 - $80/mo

$19.99 - $79.99/mo

Dedicated Server

$149 - $279/mo

$119.99 - $191.99/mo

When it comes to Shared hosting, iPage has more affordable plans. This Shared hosting plan is just one plan but the price range differs depending on the length of time you’re subscribing. 

However, if you’re looking for value-for-money, iPage may not be the best in that category. This is because iPage has limited features in terms of backups and free site migrations. 

If you already have a website and you’re planning to move, the additional $150 fee for site migrations is a hefty sum. You also have to pay for additional security from SiteLock.  

Winner: DreamHost. Their $2.59 introductory price has very few add-ons needed and a lot of freebies included.

DreamHost vs iPage: Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, both DreamHost and iPage have accessible channels to reach the customer team. 

However, there is more content on fixing technical issues in DreamHost thanks to its knowledge base. It’s a useful complement to the 24/7 live chat. 

Winner: DreamHost. Its knowledge base is great for guiding beginners through the whole hosting service without needing to connect with a rep. 

DreamHost vs iPage: the Verdict

DreamHost and iPage can be very similar in terms of hosting plans and some features, so it’s up to you which one you feel is the better choice. 

Uptime and Performance

Tie - Both providers don’t have the best uptime rate but boast super fast speeds

Website building

Tie - both providers have simple site builders that don’t require programming knowledge

Migration service

DreamHost - though only to WordPress, you can avail of free migration service. You can’t do this in iPage. 

Products and features

Tie - both provide the same basic features, with a few features as add-ons


Tie - DreamHost and iPage have a suite of security measures to guard against attacks


DreamHost - its basic plan has a lot of free features included compared to iPage

Customer support

DreamHost - its knowledge base provides additional support to new users

Overall, both of them are trustworthy web hosts that are affordable and high-performing.